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06-01-2004 @ 1:08 PM
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Hey guys!

I'm having some trouble using CFSearch, and am hoping somebody can help me out.
I've duplicated the tutorial found at: http://tutorial85.easycfm.com/

I have recognized that the tutorial is said to be used with CF5, although, we currently only have CF 4.5.

I was speaking with the individual responsible for the administrative part of our CF 4.5 server, and he says that no "VERITY COLLECTIONS" option is found...
Which results in the following error when duplicating the tutorial exactly:

Error occurred in tag CFSEARCH

Collection name not found

Is there a different approach using the lower version of CF, or is it even possible?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Dave Robichaud

06-01-2004 @ 9:40 PM
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You have to create your cellection, look into the <CFINDEX> tag.

Pablo Varando
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