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11-20-2003 @ 9:37 AM
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Hello all!

I need some advice on a little delemna I'm having.

I'm currently using a CFMAIL statement upon submission of a form; which sends an e-mail to a few users, and copies the original sender as well.

Although, if a certain selection is made, the e-mail needs to be sent to a few other users as well.

Currently I have this:

<CFIF #Trim(form.Tracer)# EQ '2nd Request'>
   <CFSET ....>
   <CFSET ....>

This sets a variable with the appropriate users and then sends the e-mail using that variable for the "To" field.

Is it just me, or does that not seem elegant?

Maybe I'm just complicating things by trying to find a better way.

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated!
Dave Robichaud

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