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01-26-2014 @ 7:35 AM
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Hi folks, I am currently developing a charity website for a guy I know and I am having some
difficulty understanding a feature I am trying to build.

The feature is a survey builder, the guy would like to create surveys when ever he needs to
get information about what activities people like.

An example survey can be seen here http://evisum.co.uk/asapscotland.org/signup/

What I am looking to do is create a survey builder. My idea is to use session variables with
structures and arrays to essentially temporally create a full survey visually.

So you would have:


Struct(Entity_#Number#) - (Inside Section_#Number#)

IF Entity.type EQ "DROP" OR "RADIO"

Struct(Option_#Number#) - (Inside Entity_#Number#)

So then the code would loop through the Section and place the Entity inside the section struct
is was placed in. Then if the Entity type is anything that requires more options it will drop
the Option struct down within the Entity it has been placed in.

My idea is to be able to create the survey visually first using a session, then once he is
happy with it he can just click finished and it will be transferred to a database.

I'm just having trouble getting my head around how I would arrange the Structures and Arrays.
How to amend then or what the best practice is for such a system. If anyone could give me like
a brief insight or any advice on how you would go about doing such a thing I would be
greatfull. Thanks in advance.

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