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11-22-2012 @ 4:36 PM
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I notice two strange behaviors with the bug report I received from my
Coldfusion app. I really need your help to find them both !

First, in beta testing, there was a bug on one page in the client area
(there was a </cfif> tag missing). One client was on the page then he
was redirect to the admin section (it should redirect to a bug report
page). Actually, there's only one place where the admin session is create
and it checks if the admin session is available or redirect out (or at least
bug because the session does not exist...). It seems that the session was
create, but I can find how it happens. First time this happen... and usually
the redirection works fine (we've got plenty of bugs in beta testing...).
Seems like the sessions has been corrupted... And the client was on

Second, a MySQL connexion bug only for like 1 second and then the
connexion is back. Only to create 24 bug reports out of 5000 minimum
database queries in an hour. Actually, connexions are manage with
datasources... so the bug came from Coldfusion... Don't know why this
happens. It was the second time in a year and a half.

We use Coldfusion 8 on a linux server.

Thanks a lot !

Just ask if you need some code !

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