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kicker    -- 12-04-2006 @ 5:23 PM
  Well I just built my first flash and coldfusion website. Just would like some feedback on it. It is nothing special because I did it for a friend that just wanted a basic site in flash, but it does use cf to call the text and what not for it.


CJ    -- 12-04-2006 @ 6:23 PM
  well, let's hope your coding and/or design capabilities exceed your marketing capabilities.

where would one find this site? :D

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kicker    -- 12-04-2006 @ 6:30 PM
  Sorry, I am being bugged by a client that wants a site but doesn't want to give me a budget amount and everything I propose is off so I am a little flustered to say the least!

here is the url


tjrockjockwv    -- 12-04-2006 @ 6:40 PM
  just tell your client their luckly you don't charge for what I call Floating Scope Disease. Smile

I'll have a look at that site.  I always like to see the marriage in flash and coldfusion. . .

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just hit your site.

Found a couple of things on the contact page:
- Maxlength on the fields
- Prevent Blank Submit
- a touch of validation.

Other than that. . .nice work man. I might be able to throw some flash work your way.

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kicker    -- 12-04-2006 @ 6:47 PM
  I would but I don't have a contract with them yet. Still in the pricing stage. Funny thing is they want a complete custom flash site with data integration and the ability to make changes to it. I know they priced shopped around town and found out that what they want is like 25 - 30 g's and I quote 15. They just don't want to admit that I was right the first go around when they first approached me to do it. So they are trying to wheel and deal and it ain't happening.


kicker    -- 12-04-2006 @ 6:49 PM
  As far as the site the friend didn't want to force anything with the contact. She is just starting out with her biz. I just did it how she wanted it. I probably will go back after she gets some stupid stuff and fix it.


PS: Throw away. Wink

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