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arkitec    -- 10-06-2006 @ 9:30 AM
  Feedback please ---> TMC Maps

I've been in the bat cave for 7 months working on this....the best thing about this site is that it allows real humans to add voice and SMS-enabled walking directions.  This uses both Google (Firefox) and Yahoo (IE) maps, plus the new Mapquest Open API for turn by turn directions.  

The voice and SMS pick up where regular map/directions sites fail by allowing users to give directions "inside" the building.  For example, a person can give elevators, stair, hallway, and walkway directions that a person can send to their phone.

EasyCFM was a huge help, especially with the little deocoding tool that grabs the coordinates from and stores them in the database.

SirRawlins    -- 10-06-2006 @ 10:56 AM
  Great work buddy,

Looks really great and seems to work seemlessly enough.

Just a couple of tiny points;

Firstly; you're using PNG graphis on a few icon, but these have a bug in IE which cant display the alpha transparent background, there are a few Javascript based fixes for this, but i've just changed my images to gif to solve the problem.

I'm also getting some javascript errors, no pop-ups about it, just the small 'Done' with warnings icon in the status bar of my browser which suggests somthing isnt quite right.

But it looks really great, well done on the project, map integration is always good fun, i've got a tutorial in the works for googleMaps v2 API on the way which might be of interest to you, some nice features on it.



SirRawlins    -- 10-06-2006 @ 10:58 AM
  Further point: That 'Press F1 for Help' trick is very neat, I like that alot, where did you get that code from?



arkitec    -- 10-06-2006 @ 1:09 PM
  Slide in Help Panel

The link above points to DHTML favorite little script site.  I got the tabs and sliding panels from the same site.

This link above has 4 demos of the script.  I'll download a javascript toolbar and try to track down the error.

Thanks for the feedback!

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