Topic: flash .swf and a flash form-can I integrate?

riogrande    -- 08-02-2007 @ 11:34 AM
  Hi all,
   I have a .swf file and at the end of the flash I want to have a cf flash form. Has anyone had any experience of this? What is the best way-do you call an external file with the flash form or something? Thanks

kicker    -- 08-02-2007 @ 2:06 PM
  That is fairly simple as long as you think outside the box. What I mean by that is we know from the past that swf images were "embedded" into the page. That was until Microsoft in an attempt to excuse itself from a law suit for patent infringement switched gears and made it necessary to use javascript. Well creating javascript ontop of javascript isn't the easiest of tasks. So how do we introduce a swf file into a swf file. Well you fake it out. And here is how.

<  cfsavecontent variable="swf">
<p><  img id="mySwf" hspace="0" vspace="0" src="mySwf.swf"></p>
</          cfsavecontent>

<  cfform format="flash" height="500">
     <  cfformgroup type="panel">
     <  cfformitem type="html" width="425" height="125" bind="#swf#"></  cfformitem>
     <  cfinput type="text" name="something" label="Enter Something" size="15">
     <  cfinput type="button" name="buton" value="Some Button">
     </       cfformgroup>
</        cfform>

I created an image src for the flash and loaded it into a cfformitem tag. This method works well if you know the hieght and width of the flash object. You can see an actual working example here

Hope this helps.


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kicker    -- 08-02-2007 @ 2:10 PM
  Don't know why but it is not liking my code I entered. Add the closing tags to all the open tags and you will have the complete code. I also had to add spaces to the code cause it refused to show it otherwise sorry.


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