Topic: default title tags instead of alt tags

grabit    -- 10-07-2010 @ 9:43 PM
  Hi Folks
The alt tag that is loaded by default in dreamweaver does not work in firefox, we all know that.
BUT the title tag does work in both FF and IE

So is there a way to change the default alt tag that is added when you enter text into the alt tag field in the properties to insert a title tag instead of an alt tag

Thanks in advance

Thanks to you all

nmiller    -- 10-07-2010 @ 11:24 PM
  I think you're referring to alt tags in images and
title tags in other elements.  images have alt tags,
everything else has title tags.  Tables also have a
summary attribute if you need a longer description.

When you have an image nested in an element with a
title tag, the title tag wins and the alt tag doesn't
render.  However, alt tags are still important to use
for both vision impaired users, those who have images
turned off (then the alt tag will show), and SEO.

Nathan Miller
NM Consulting

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