Topic: Dreamweaver vs. Contribute

StoneRose    -- 10-08-2009 @ 3:49 PM
  My client wants to manage the content...does Contribute do anything easier than CF? (Are they the same?)

kicker    -- 10-08-2009 @ 3:59 PM
  Contribute is a easy to use interface for editing and altering web pages, but by no means is meant for development like Dreamweaver is. Contribute was not built to do the hard coding of a coding language like cf it was meant for the lay man to be able to change a picture or some wording or create a basic html page. It says on Adobe's page for contribute that you don't even need to know html, where in dreamweaver it helps alot. I would visit the Adobe website and compare the two products to get a better understanding of them. As well you can download a free trial and learn the differences and limitations.

Side note: I have coded using contribute, but I think I have a basic knowledge of html as well.  Wink

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