Topic: Loss of Site List in Dreamweaver

caldew    -- 06-03-2009 @ 2:52 AM
  On switching on my machine this moring the entire list of available sites in DW (V6) has disappeared.  All that I have is a default to design a new site.  Something has caused the site list cache to disappear.  On consulting DW Help there is a topic called Refreshing the Assets Panel, but these instructions have no effect - in fact the Refresh Site List button at the bottom of the Assets panel is greyed out.  All this suggests that something catastrophic has happened in the recent past.  The DW help file mentions 'cache' - does this mean that the index to the site list is held in the CFFUSION\CACHE folder?  This is empty.  How can I rebuild my site list?

Thank you in anticipation.


Webmaster    -- 06-03-2009 @ 2:50 PM
  do you have access to the old machine still?

you can export the sites from the old dreamweaver, then import them.

That is the only solution I can think of for ya.

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caldew    -- 06-03-2009 @ 4:42 PM
  Thanks.  However, where is the site index held?  I.e. I might be able to recover this from a backup if I know where it is held.


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