Topic: Oracle DB Failure Tracking

CFRAM    -- 06-22-2005 @ 2:08 AM
  Hi Everyone,

I have two oracle databases. I wanted to dynamically point to another DB if one of the server goes down through coldfusion code. Does anyone know or same situation. Any help pointing to solution is highly appericiated.


Webmaster    -- 06-22-2005 @ 8:04 PM
  ok, this is a tricky situation because you are getting into clustring.

The questions I would have for you first are:

1) Are they mirrored? by this I mean do they have all the data (exactly) the same in both servers?
2) What method are you using to mirror them if the answer is yes?
3) Depending on what you are using to mirror them, most solution then also handle clusting (or load balancing them) in which case it should NOT be done at the CF level, but at the network level.

Pablo Varando
Team Macromedia Member

CFRAM    -- 06-23-2005 @ 1:39 AM
  thanks for the reply Pablo.

1. Yes they are mirrored. both have the same data.
2. data gaurd is used for mirroring.
3. they are not clustered since oracle clustering is expensive.


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