Topic: DataDirect JDBC and Coldfusion Standard

hockeypfef    -- 11-30-2006 @ 9:33 AM
  I am trying to connect Coldfusion 7 Standard with the DataDirect JDBC drivers from DataDirect's webpage.  I keep getting this error:

Connection verification failed for data source: XXXXXX
java.sql.SQLException: Timed out trying to establish connection
The root cause was that: java.sql.SQLException: Timed out trying to establish connection

My setup is this:
Data Source Name: XXXXXX
JDBC URL: jdbc:datadirect:oracle://servername:port;SID=YYYY
Driver Class:

Any ideas?  The test bat file that the DataDirect JDBC comes with connects fine.


hockeypfef    -- 12-21-2006 @ 3:54 PM
  Does anyone know if you have to have the Enterprise version or can you get DataDirect (purchasing from DataDirect directly) to work with the Standard version?


pangea33    -- 12-22-2006 @ 6:01 PM
  You definitely shouldn't require an Enterprise version of CFMX to work with the DataDirect drivers. Very few people would be willing to shell out the money for them if they can't verify that they work first. Typically this would be done on a machine other than the servers and most companies use developer versions on the programmer's machines due to licensing fees.

I've seen mention that the 3.4 drivers have errors that aren't found in the 3.2 drivers. What version are you running. Also, I've seen that this error is often reported when you're unable to see the actual native error, which could be something like a bad password or incorrect port. The timeout just comes back after the actual error has been occuring for a time.,timed,out
51664 You might receive a misleading "Timed out trying to establish connection" error rather than the database server's native error (such as "bad password") if the database doesn't respond in 30 seconds, which is the login timeout default.


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