Topic: SQL Server connection very slow from CF

sebumd    -- 02-28-2009 @ 10:52 PM
  We have a web server on the same lan as the DB server.

A simple select * from tablename (~100 entries) is
taking anywhere from 30ms to 10 seconds lan. ASP code
on the web server provides instant (30ms) queries. Ping
is never <1ms. If I point to a remote DB server, the
same query is never more than 300ms (which is great for
over the internet).

I enabled logging in CFAdmin -> Datasources and shortly
after my select * from tablename I see this:

spy(2009/02/28 16:39:00.539)>>
Connection[2].setReadOnly(boolean readOnly)
spy(2009/02/28 16:39:00.539)>> readOnly = false
spy(2009/02/28 16:39:00.539)>> OK
spy(2009/02/28 16:39:05.726)>> OK (true)

We need to get this up and running ASAP. Please help!!

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