Topic: Help updating database

kov3n    -- 03-23-2009 @ 8:26 PM

I'm trying to make a website, but am having some problems.

I'm using an already made template with an already installed database. Access & ColdFusion.

I'm trying to update the database with my own information.

Everything works perfectly the way it came default, but I don't know how to insert my own information in the database.

I have edited the file in access and put my own information, but when i run the file on the server it keeps using the old information instead of the updated.

All i'm doing is trying to change the numbers that are showing on the site from the database... nothing crazy.

When i upload the new database by FTP the coldfusion script is still coming up with the old data..what am i doing wrong? (sorry I have no idea what i'm doing)

weathermanfsu    -- 06-09-2009 @ 12:16 PM
  In Access, depending on your CF server security settings, you may not be able to just drag and drop a database.  Some settings keep the database open, so it is not looking at the new copy.

Also - are you sure that you are putting the database in the spot that the server is looking for it to use with sites?  

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