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CJ    -- 02-06-2004 @ 2:17 PM
  The purpose of this area is to share YOUR PERSONAL experiences with a particular CF host.

Was it good?  Was it bad?  Also, tell WHY it was good or bad.  If you would recommend this host to your friends...why?  If you would not...why?

And let's also keep it professional.  if you have a bad experience with somebody, by all means, share it.  But let's stick to the facts regarding why your experience was bad.

For example, "Tech Support sucked", while a valid complaint, really isn't what we're looking for here.  Why did they suck?  Tell us that your site was down on Tuesday, and you put in a trouble ticket, and got no response until the following Monday.

At the very least, try to keep the libel to a minimum Smile  

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damani7    -- 05-19-2004 @ 7:47 PM
  For any newbies in the CFgame, I suggest
<a href=""></a>.
I've had a good experience with them since December 2003. Plus the price is unbeatable for those that just want to have a simple cfsite online. I pay $4.95 a month for 60 megs.

rkmails    -- 01-06-2006 @ 4:09 AM
  I have been using for few months and they are reliable as of now. Support is quite fast and their prices are real cool. I have yet to find a reliable host at these prices Smile

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