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louissto56    -- 04-30-2008 @ 7:44 AM
  Well bloody greg HAS to object to my new design consisting of a reflection underneath the search bar. So he suggested making a poll to see what people prefer

Here are the screenshots...



What do you think?

gmilby    -- 04-30-2008 @ 7:49 AM
  somebody tell this toddler that business websites are supposed to be less fluff!

Success is the ablity to go from one failure to another with no loss of enthusiasm.
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kicker    -- 04-30-2008 @ 2:03 PM
  Personally I like reflections if done correctly. That said you have not done that correctly. Take the reflection and add another 100 px to it and actually show the entire yellow bar you are trying to reflect. Then create the textboxes and radio and buttons to look exactly like the top bar only upside down. (Including text).

Then take a skew tool and only skew it 5 degrees. to the right. I say to the right because of the light you are shining on the the top one is slightly to the right. It's the direction it would naturally take from the current point of view which is head on.

Also fade your image using a white box with feathered edges. Something like the spray paint tool. Take the white box and set it to about 65 for the alpha. Then slowly move it over the upside down bar till you receive the desired effect. This part takes some trial and error. You don't want to completely fade out the entire bar, but you want the top to be more visible than the bottom. I'll post an example in a few so you can see.


kicker    -- 04-30-2008 @ 2:19 PM


dlackey    -- 04-30-2008 @ 3:55 PM
  I cant exactly vote; with the widescreen monitors that are showing up these days, proper ussage of white space is paramount.  While I do like the reflection such as kicker has shown but not at the cost of waisting space.


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kicker    -- 04-30-2008 @ 3:58 PM
  You don't need to waste space with my example. Simply put it in a div with a low z-index so it shows up behind your other stuff. Much like msn does. This way you still get the reflection behind the content without wasting space. Also I would write the the reflective image right into the css as a background.


dlackey    -- 04-30-2008 @ 4:07 PM

Yeah, css background would be ideal.  My input was more of a generic observation.  Smile  


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kicker    -- 04-30-2008 @ 4:18 PM
  @dlackey I agree with you that space is at a cost. That said though I wanted to illustrate that you can have your cake and eat it to in a sense through the use of div layers and z-index. It can be tricky, but it can mean the difference of a site that works and one that doesn't.

I've just always been a huge fan of a balance between content and design, most of the best sites out there that have won awards and are popular use both content and design to draw in visitors.  


louissto56    -- 05-01-2008 @ 5:15 AM
  I am starting to lean towards no reflection. I originally had the form items used in the reflection but thats stupid because of cross browser, change of font size and many other things that could make the reflection look nothing like the content displayed. Also i dont like the idea of having reflections underneath other elements.

So I'm probably gonna go with no reflections on this one.


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gmilby    -- 05-02-2008 @ 9:30 PM
  let's 'reflect' on this conversation.... Smile

like i told you - it looks great and if it was on your personal website - i'd say go for it.

also, it is your work - you have to be happy with it, but i was just sharing my opinion - AND i do not know the business world in aussie... could be totally different environment. in the us and in europe i know that professional means 'sharp' not 'flashy'.

be proud - very few people can wear both hats (creative/design and code the site).

Success is the ablity to go from one failure to another with no loss of enthusiasm.
-Sir Winston Churchill

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