Topic: User Friendly Webmail Client?

Eire    -- 08-23-2006 @ 12:30 PM

A big thank you! to Robert Jones and Pablo for this wonderful webmail application, I have found it extremely helpful.

I do have a question though in regards to the application!

Has anyone updated this application to where you can delete emails carrying attachments, I know it can delete the actual email but what do you have to do to have it also delete the attached file stored in directories.

This would be a really nice touch!

If you know of any updates or know what I would have to do to accomplish, the deleting of  the email and the attached file off the server, I sure would appreciate the help!

It would be a Great! for keeping the server file size down.

Thank you!

"Up The Dubs"

TeamDesigner    -- 01-30-2007 @ 1:50 PM

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