Topic: Need Igallery!

wojo    -- 03-04-2003 @ 11:53 PM
  Does anyone have the "Igallery" application?? Please email me or post message!

Redmanz    -- 03-05-2003 @ 1:10 AM
  Just to let you know I deleted your other message posted in the General Discussion Area. There really is no need to cross post in the Forums.


wojo    -- 03-05-2003 @ 1:13 AM
  Thanks Redmanz....but do you know where I can get Igallery?

Webmaster    -- 03-05-2003 @ 1:16 AM

Playful Wink

Pablo Varando


wojo    -- 03-05-2003 @ 1:21 AM
  Thanx for the prompt posts, but I am looking for a particular Igallery application bundle that is shown on this site...

Anyone know how I can get a hold of this?

Webmaster    -- 03-05-2003 @ 6:15 AM
  I would suggest you get it through their site at the link you provided. Playful Wink

Pablo Varando


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