Topic: Verity /issue which must be solved today or I get

nicky2k    -- 01-06-2004 @ 2:22 PM
  I have two collections on my local host and a staging server. These collections are updated and refreshed whenever users add/edit/delete content on a site. The problem is on the live server, which is a secure server.. The collections do not work. I have tried deleting and re-creating and repairing but it still does not work. Can anyone help with this?

nicky2k    -- 01-06-2004 @ 6:50 PM
  I need to know this. I have created two Verity collections in ColdFusion. These both work on my local host and the staging server but NOT the secure server. I've repaired and optimized repeatedly, but cannot refresh the collection no matter what I do. I am on the edgeof being fired becaus emy really ignorant boss thinks this is something I've done.Could you please enlighten me as to what is happening here? I have noaccess to the CF administrator or the server and I cannot see what is going on. I only have to play guesswork.


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