Topic: Anyone remember CF-extreme?

Shaihulud    -- 09-29-2012 @ 8:57 AM
  Well....I was playing with it years ago when PseudoNym had started making adjustments to the code, and Megan had added quite a bit in the themes aspects as well as updated code.
I've since gotten a version of it from Megan and started an endeavor to bring it back, so far I've done a bit of updating to the code and a lot on its appearance...My goal is to rewrite the backbone of it and bring it up to todays standards using CFC's and expanding on the appearance as well. Have a look at a few images I have and let me know if you think it could be a worthy investment of my time.

Homepage 2012

New Forum Look

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updated Basic theme

apletfx    -- 09-29-2012 @ 9:07 AM
  I built the original app CF_Nuke that this was based on. I pulled CF Nuke down because it was horrible insecure. With so many other options available today, you might look at those first. At the very least do some research on CF Extreme to see if they patched the security holes.

Shaihulud    -- 09-29-2012 @ 9:53 AM
  Oh I've been going thru the code, its had soo many rewrites added into it..
but first off.. kudos on the original idea, I used it for a site i did back in 2005-07, it was fun to work with.
I plan to go thru each aspect of the site and re-write what i can in CFC's and focus on any vulnerabilities i can.
I've worked with PHP-fusion, phpNuke, and e107, and learned a lot from their coding , and I know I can translate much of that into CF, you already laid out a great framework, and I'm hoping to do it justice.

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