Topic: Looking for an Invoicing / Billing App

kraftworkz    -- 04-01-2008 @ 9:00 PM
  I'm a web designer and was trying to find an open source CF app that has billing and invoicing. Anybody seen something out there or here?

dtempelmeyer    -- 04-02-2008 @ 10:05 AM
  Working one now however, it will be a commercial product.

dlackey    -- 04-02-2008 @ 11:50 AM

I was looking for one too!  If you find one, please post it here.  Maybe a community project is in order?  :D


megan    -- 04-16-2008 @ 8:20 AM
  I've been thinking about this and I remembered that back in the early day of easycfm (or at least when I first joined) there was a guy named Irvin Gomez who donated a copy of his invoicing app (P69 Invoicer) to the easycfm community - well I had time this morning to look through the old what's new news articles and found it - the demo for the app is no longer up but the download link still works - download link is in the second to the last paragraph, second to the last sentence.

hth ~megan

We have art so that we shall not die of reality ~ Nietzsche

dlackey    -- 04-16-2008 @ 9:28 AM
  Okay, that isn't fair.  Now not only we have to search the internet to keep up with your wonderful finds, but now we have to search your brain, too???  Come on!  Wink

Just some quick observations I found with the application:
It is ALMOST drop-in and work.  Setup the DSN, make a couple of updates and you are pretty good to go.  There are a couple of queries that I had to modify (probably just an access version issue) and a couple of links will take you to the original home (logout for example).  But otherwise, I think this may just work for me.  Of course I'm going to personalize it some more but wow, what a great app and you cannot beat the price!  Smile

I just wanted to add if someone else is going to use this, be sure to secure the queries if you are going to place this on a public web site.  Right now, the queries are open and therefor subject to sql injections.  There is a database entry in the company table named, "Pixel69 Design (CURRENTLY HACKED)" so I'm not sure what if it came that way or if someone inserted the sql via an unathorized sql insertion.  Be sure you read through the code and the database to make sure you understand what the cfm is doing.  I'm still working through it and no questionable actions have been found.  I still give this a thumbs up!  Smile  


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megan    -- 04-16-2008 @ 9:37 AM
  Hi Chip - glad it turned out to be something you could use ;P - as for my brain - well a LOT has fallen into the cracks over the years - hard drive getting worn out - too bad I can't defrag ~ take care, Megan

We have art so that we shall not die of reality ~ Nietzsche

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