Topic: Verity search replacement

snowfalcon    -- 12-13-2007 @ 8:02 PM
  Is there another search engine that can be used to replace the built-in verity search?  Anyone have experience incorporating & using one less limiting?

louissto56    -- 12-20-2007 @ 1:40 AM
  You can use SQL to search if its from a database.

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snowfalcon    -- 12-20-2007 @ 9:43 AM
  yeah, i appreciate that for SQL...  but my need is for searching thru numerous type documents in a filestore outside SQL...  

i currently use verity, which works ok... but it's limited to 100K documents (standard CF7) or 250K documents (enterprise CF7), which is way too limiting...  i don't know if the limits changed in CF8--do you?

i was wondereing if anyone has implemented a search w/google desktop or the new MS search server 2008 or another that can be highly recommended w/o such limits...


Ron    -- 12-20-2007 @ 4:39 PM
  We use DTSearch, and we are very happy with it

snowfalcon    -- 12-20-2007 @ 5:32 PM
  i'll check it out...  thanks...

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