Topic: Shopping Cart Choices

WillyFX    -- 10-26-2007 @ 10:24 PM
  I am looking for a shopping cart to install for small business. Need one that is reliable, moderately simple to install and reasonably priced. My cf skills are intermediate. Any suggestions? Any opinions on Cartweaver?


bobbaader    -- 02-12-2008 @ 5:03 PM
  Cartweaver may be ok for you, depending upon what you want it to do. If your shipping methods only depend upon weight or cart subtotal, then it's good. If you want the shipping method to depend upon the quantity of a certain item in the cart and change to another when the quantity surpasses that, you're stuck as-is out of the box. I find the same thing to be true with discounts. If, for example, you have a discount for a group of items at 10% off if there are 10 of an item in the cart and three of another item in the group in the cart, it will not differentiate between the two. It will take 10% off of both. The discount logic in CW is frustrating since it will apply the greatest discount while ignoring all others. This will cause customers to have to place multiple orders to utilize available discounts or coupon codes since only one is allowed per cart. AARGH!


smith2009    -- 03-23-2009 @ 5:43 AM

Cartweaver would be nice option. But it depends on about what business you using it.
There are lots of sites on internet who provide these kind of services so I think you should select the perfect one for your business

Best of Luck !

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