Topic: error in scheduling

anujgarg    -- 09-27-2006 @ 5:16 AM
  i am facing an error while scheduling a process.

I have set a file sending an email at a particular time interval by using scheduling. But when it comes to processing then it flashes following errors in the coldfusion admimistrator panel:

There was an error running your scheduled task. Reasons for which scheduled tasks might fail include:

    * The URL is a redirection URL.
    * The URL is protected by IIS NT Challenge/Response or Apache .htaccess password. The Username and Password text fields for editing a scheduled task are intended to support Basic Authentication only.
    * The Domain Name lookup failed. Try using the IP address of the domain whenever possible.
    * The URL is an SSL site, but the SSL port was specified incorrectly.
    * The Web site is not responding.
    * The directory specified for published results does not exist.

Kindly suggest how can I remove these errors from occurring.

SirRawlins    -- 09-27-2006 @ 6:02 AM
  If you open internet explorer or other browser on the server and try and navigate to the URL you are tring to schedule does it work?

It sounds like you have the address wrong or it isnt accessible from the server.


anujgarg    -- 09-29-2006 @ 5:50 AM
  yes, it works fine in the browser. But it generates an error while put on scheduling. I don't know why it is doing so.

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