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Webmaster    -- 09-12-2005 @ 12:04 AM
I wanted to let everyone know that I have moved EasyCFM.COM to a new server.

If you run into any problems using or accessing the website in the next few days, it is more then likely from the move!

I am asking that if you do encounter an issue, please let me know ASAP about it; that way I can resolve it and make things better for everyone!

To let me know, please send an email to:

Also, I wanted to let you know that I have launched a new site (or brought back to life a new site) that might help you out even more! The site is called:
Free ColdFusion Applications!
(The site can be accessed at: )

If you are a software owner or have built a cool CF based application that you want to give away to others, please post it on the site and I will start to send traffic your way for free!

If you need a particular application, you will be able to use the site to find what you need, fast and free!

Please check the site out and let me know what you think Smile

Once again the URL is:

Last but not least, if you havent heard... I am giving away a FREE PlayStation Portable (PSP) this time around in the tutorial sweepstakes! (The PSP unit, 2 games and 2 movies of your choice!) So if you haven't submitted your tutorial, please do so at this time! To enter simply submit a tutorial on the site! It's that easy!

It could win you a free PlayStation Portal Game pack!

Thanks again for all of your contributions on the site.. with your help together we can make EasyCFM.COM the best ColdFusion Resource online!

Pablo Varando
Chief Software Architect

904.483.1457\\ mobile\\email

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