Topic: - or + when the users moves up or down

fre    -- 04-29-2005 @ 11:41 AM
  I would like to show a - or + and how many places they moved up or down in the rankings. I really don't know where to start. This place is the BEST!!! Thanks in advance.

Seymour Mitchell
Fantasy Racing Empire, Inc.

Lola    -- 04-29-2005 @ 1:22 PM
  Well, what rankings are you talking about? What are you working on? What exactly is it that you are trying to do? Is this like a gaming ladder you are making or something? Explain a bit more, so I we can help you out.

fre    -- 04-29-2005 @ 3:28 PM
  Yes it's a NASCAR fantasy game site ( I would like to show users how much they go up or down depending on the weeks points result. So, team xxx moved up +4 spots or team xxx dropped -6 spots. Hope this helps.

Seymour Mitchell
Fantasy Racing Empire, Inc.

nmiller    -- 04-29-2005 @ 3:42 PM
  do you already have this data stored in a database or are you starting from scratch?  If it already exists, explain your data tables.

Nathan Miller
NM Consulting

Lola    -- 04-29-2005 @ 4:19 PM
  Ohhh, so this is like a ladder, simple, you store 2 columns.

Column 1: Current Rank
Column 2: Last Rank

Then you would do #lastrank-currentrank# to get the spots you moved up or down.

But, if you want to do it for the whole week, then you would probably have to do it a bit differently.

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