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christinac    -- 11-06-2002 @ 6:57 AM

I'm new to this but have experience with some
coding. I urgently need to create a simple form with
two fields email & mobile number. That will then
get sent to the hosting server as a excel spread
sheet, or sent to me as an email which ever is
easiest and quickest!

I've had a look at the tutorials but get a bit stuck on
the following:

What do I enter in the DATASOURCE?
How do I set up the excel spread sheet?
What do I need to inform the hosting company to
do? (I know they do support ColdFusion).

I really need your help.

Thanks inadvance


Webmaster    -- 11-06-2002 @ 9:44 AM
  Hello, and welcome to the EasyCFM.Com forum Smile

The Datasource is the name of your database connection. If you are not storing the information t your database, simply leave out the entire <cfquery></cfquery> tag.

The easiest way will be to email it to yourself, and you achieve that with the <cfmail> tag.

Here's what the <cfmail> tag would look like:

<cfmail from="" to="" subject="Form Submission!">

Of couse that's just an example, but you should get the general idea from it... if you need further help, please let me know...

Pablo Varando

christinac    -- 11-10-2002 @ 5:07 PM
  I really need your help!!! I thought I would be able to
solve this but it's taking me far to long, I'm not
interested in programming, it's just that I thought I
would be able to help out.

I would need someone's help to provide me with
the cfm programming and tell me what I need to
instruct my hosting company. I can provide the html

All I would need to have is 2 form fields, email, tel
which will be sent to an email address.

Is there anyone who could help me out PLEASE?



webedge    -- 11-17-2002 @ 1:31 PM
  Er the answer that Pablo gave above will do it.  Just save the code above into a page with the extension .cfm

As long as your host supports CF then it will do the job!


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