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rinaram    -- 10-16-2002 @ 8:21 AM
  I am using Cfgrid to display results of my query.  I would like to be able to download these results into Excel so that users can email updates to managers.

Can you please help?:quest:

Thank you
Rina Text

Webmaster    -- 10-16-2002 @ 8:43 AM
  Ok, the easiest way to do this is to create .CSV file.

A .CSV file is basically a comma delimited file. So you could create the following:

<cfoutput query="YourQuery">
  <cffile action="Append"

This will create a file that contains:

but you can open it in Excel and it'll be properly inserted. That is the easy way, the other way you can achieve this is to use COM objects (quite a bit more complicated, but if you're up to it here's where you can get more information about it.)

Pablo Varando

[MORSEWEB]    -- 10-21-2002 @ 12:19 PM
  There are a bunch of free cf tags on the developer exchange that will do this for you too... May be worth checking out, I have used them before... they seem to work good...

Check here:


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