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dragnegabriel    -- 07-05-2013 @ 9:33 AM
  Hi! I am working on a first CF app, and encountered three things that I don't know how to do it regarding forms

1) I need to test that the password and confirm password fields are the same before

submitting the form to processing cfm. How do I do that with cf? (I don't know other


2) I have a first field in a form with a dropdown where a choose employee gender. I want in the same form below within a second field to have a dropdown list populated with all employees having the gender selected above. Is it possible to do that without submission?

3) I want to arrange payments to employees based on their job. For management, there are beside salary, bonuses. I want to make a general form for this action, but if I choose in a field above a MANAGER position, another field to be inserted below to be filled with bonus amount, however, if i choose NORMAL EMPLOYEE above, this BONUS Field should not appear. Is it possible to change the content of cfform based on information inserted within, without making a sumbmission?

Thank you!  Question

Webmaster    -- 08-09-2013 @ 1:29 PM
  1. You cannot do that with CF, because CF is a server
side language, not a client side language. The check
has to occur in JavaScript.

You can find examples using Google:

2. It's definitely possible, however again this would
require Javascript (more complex as it would require an
Ajax call to the server to get a list of users that
match the selected Gender).

3. Once again this would require JavaScript. You would
use CSS to show/hide the field based on the selection.
There are many ways to achieve it; however this is the

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