Topic: CF9 - Confusing Solr issue

WolfShade    -- 04-26-2013 @ 8:00 AM
  Hello, everyone.

Production environment is *nix running CF 9.0.0, with both Verity and Solr collections.

Trying to list collections is breaking - one collection in particular is breaking the CFCOLLECTION action="list": Error message states that the solrconfig.xml file cannot be found.

I unregistered this collection via CFAdmin, then went into the file system and deleted the folders for this collection and restarted both Application and Solr services. Ran the script, again, and still getting the same error message for the collection that we just completely removed.  It's NOT being cached in the browser.

This is working fine in development (Windows environment, CF9.0.1).

Thoughts/suggestions greatly appreciated.


PS.  In case there is any question, the version of Solr that ships with CF9 is 1.4.1.

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WolfShade    -- 04-29-2013 @ 11:45 AM
  It might have something to do with /solr/multicore/solr.xml file.

If the collection was deleted, but this file not updated, the server might think the collection is still there.

More, as I find stuff out.


WolfShade    -- 04-30-2013 @ 1:21 PM
  Yup.. that was it.  The collection had been removed via CFAdmin, but for some reason the solr.xml file was not updated - it still had a reference to the removed collection.  So a CFCOLLECTION action="list" would error because the server would attempt to look in the deleted folder.  Removing the reference to that collection cured it.


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