Topic: how to loop through queries for different time zon

rickaclark    -- 04-21-2013 @ 10:27 AM
  I am working on a script that will send out daily messages to an individual who has subscribed to a particular company’s daily message.
The subscribers table has:
  • Firstname
  • Email
  • Company ID
    Delivery method
      o     Desktop
      o     Phone     

I have set up a query that pulls the subscribers information to:
  1. Determine which business
     a.     Which layout to use (contact_id)
     b.     Determines time zone
        i. Phones will be sent at a later time than the desktop
  2. Which version to send:
    a.     Desktop with all graphics
    b.     Phone with graphics removed
I can use a cfloop to send the message out every morning, I just don’t know how to efficiently send out the message by the different time zones.

Each time zone will have 2 diff times:
  1. 5:00am for the desktop
  2. 8:00am for the phones

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

WolfShade    -- 04-25-2013 @ 1:31 PM
  Make two scheduled tasks to the same script; one for desktop, one for mobile.  Pass a URL parameter to determine which is going to be run.


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