Topic: Flash-CFM tutorial problem!

JJfutbol    -- 03-18-2005 @ 12:33 PM
  Hey guys. At my college I'm currently learning Flash and being infatuated with CF of course my ultimate goal is to start combining the two. As a final project I'd like to make a Flash version of my site with CF as the backend but I'm having quite some trouble with the tutorials online. For example, I tried this tutorial here: and I think something is wrong in the Netservices connection.

I uploaded all the files to my webserver and put the files in the correct directories as well as uploading the database. So I know all that is right but when I hit submit on the guestbook entry it just says submitting data, and I see at the bottom its trying to transfer the data to the localhost but I don't want it to do that becuase my files are on the server. I have no idea how to change that though in Flash, anyone have any ideas?? Anyone know any other easy ways of Flash integrating with CF?? I'd like to be able to use queries to display my pages easily in Flash like I do in my regular site thus I won't have to put all my content in manually which would be a royal pain to update later on.

Is there anyway I can have a iframe or some html window within a Flash movie?? I probably can't but am trying to see where I can take my idea for my site and seeing what is the best option. Also I'm not fully aware of Flash's real potential yet.

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JJfutbol    -- 03-19-2005 @ 4:49 PM
  Anybody have any ideas??

We will come... We will play... We will conquer... We are Laziales!!... Fear us.

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