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mohsena    -- 12-31-2004 @ 11:44 PM
  Hello How are you alls ,I have a question about this tutorial ,this is about validation

I have this tags in my pages ,How can I validate the following?

<select multiple name="PropertyDetialName" id="select3">

<cfoutput query="PropertyDetialName">
       <option value="#PropertyDetail#">#PropertyDetail#</option>

as you see this multiple select box how that retrieves it's data

dynamically from a query
Thank you very much Mohsena

Hello All,I am happt to find you

nmiller    -- 03-18-2005 @ 12:44 PM
  when multiple values are selected in a select box, the values are passed as a comma delimited list.

So if you have 10 options and the options with values 1,2, and 10 are clicked, your form value will be 1,2,10.

Validating depends on what you need to validate.

Nathan Miller
NM Consulting

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