Topic: Forum bug...maybe

Lossed    -- 08-14-2007 @ 8:57 PM
  When the secret word NEQ the session-ed secret word the site checks and tells user...but it seems to not check the secret word session var exists.


I logged in to post and took ages to construct my post, timing out my session. So I logged back in, hit the back button to my post and hit submit. At that stage, I still haven't set a secret word session var because I haven't actually requested the post template (where I suspect the session var is set/re-set?).

Line 86 of replytotopic.cfm checks the secret word (or a local var copy thereof) against Session.tWord, but Session.tWord is not defined so it throws an error.

I should have refreshed that post page before submitting, and will do so in the future, but thought it worth pointing out.

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