Topic: Left it blank in the first question i had, LINKIN

Link-Jaffa    -- 12-29-2002 @ 2:05 PM
  Ok, this is a big tutorial that I need to figure out soon.  
What I want to do is,  when someone types  this into a text
box        It will turn it into a
hotlink  that is clickable by the mouse.      Is there a way for it
to change while you are typing or do you have to wait to
submit until it can change it into a link.  


Webmaster    -- 12-29-2002 @ 3:49 PM
  This can be done using JavaScript:documment.innerHTML command.

It's how they make the WYSIWYG Editors you've seen around...

I'll see about creating a brief tutorial and uploading it. If anyone else (in the meantime) has an example, please post.

Pablo Varando

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